The Philips 903 is accessible in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. Both have the equivalent B&W soundbar however Ambilight is significantly progressively noteworthy on the bigger model.


OLED board and sound framework are smoothly coordinated. Four front oriented drivers, in a fenced-in area secured by acoustically straightforward Kvadrat material, are increased by a functioning/detached woofer at the back of the screen.
Associations incorporate four HDMI inputs, a trio of USB ports, an optical advanced sound yield, segment AV by means of a minijack connector, and Ethernet, which gives a hard-wired option to locally available Wi-Fi.

The set boats with two remote controls, a full-size wand with a console on the invert, and a thin Bluetooth pointer. The last highlights an implicit amplifier for voice look in addition to a modest touchpad.

The set accompanies a standard Freeview HD tuner, as opposed to Freeview Play, with the goal that implies no move back EPG and restricted get up to speed television. BBC iPlayer joins Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, in the midst of different Euro-driven gushing applications.

By the method for pay, the 903 flaunts Philips' trademark Ambilight savvy lighting, here in a standard three-sided arrangement. Raise mounted Drove lights can imitate the tints of onscreen activity, cast level swathes of shading, or throb in time with the music.


This leader set highlights the most recent emphasis of Philips' praised P5 picture processor.

Offering profound blacks with nuanced shadow detail and striking, dynamic hues, OLED innovation plays to Philips' image preparing qualities. The board doesn't simply offer rich pictures, pictures frequently have tycoon splendor – if you pick the correct picture preset.

For instance, there's a colossal distinction in picture clearness between HDR Motion picture and HDR Regular modes.

A major close up of Luke Skywalker's face (UHD Blu-beam, part 29, Star Wars The Last Jedi) looks decidedly delicate in HDR Motion picture mode, contrasted and HDR Regular. The dampness in his eyes, the distinctive skin detail, all lose lucidity. Play the opening content slither, and the foundation starfield has around 40 percent less twinkle.

HDR features truly astonishing, however. The set backings all inclusive HDR10, and HLG communicate HDR and HDR10+, the dynamic metadata adversary to Dolby Vision.

Objects of high power are conveyed with gigantic elements. Turning difference to the max, we quantified more than 900 compact disc/m2 (otherwise known as nits) on a 5 percent HDR test window. Utilizing the standard HDR Regular preset, crest luminance midpoints a still good 750 disc/m2.

Close dark detail dealing with is fantastic. Slight surfaces and shadows are cut from the agony, keeping any dull pools of dimness. Pictures have a sensible, relatively mesmeric, profundity. This ability isn't elite to Philips, obviously. We've seen all the real OLED board sellers essentially enhance the treatment of close dark detail.

Where this screen truly stands separated from its adversaries is in the unadulterated bliss it finds in shading loyalty. As a rule, screen creators detune picture fireworks in an offer to seek after acing authenticity. Even from a pessimistic standpoint, this prompts pictures which are everything except unwatchable in something besides a darkroom situation. Philips doesn't do that. It emphatically proselytizes sight to behold tones, making this screen a delight to observe paying little mind to whether you can see your popcorn. 

What's more, what of that Thickets and Wilkins sound framework? All things considered, it's (by and large) staggering. Offering wide stereo partition with magnificent mid-run clearness, it's an enjoyment to tune in to. All things considered, the base reaction is restricted. The bar doesn't drop profound and needs load underneath 100Hz. The general power yield is evaluated at 50W. 

Movement taking care of is a smidgen progressively quarrelsome. In everything except Off or Film movement mode, the set presents unmistakable relics around moving items. Our recommendation is either limit the impacts of frigid insertion by staying with Motion picture movement or explore different avenues regarding the Individual setting, which opens Immaculate Normal Movement and Impeccable Clear Movement alterations, to discover an introduction that best works for you. 
One of only a handful couple of zones where the 903 is a bit 'meh' is input slack. With Diversion mode drew in, input slack estimates 38.9ms. That is not sufficiently awful to be genuinely adverse to support diversion play, yet honestly, it could be better. 


Screen: 65-inches, OLED 
Measurements 449 x 876 x 50mm, 31.1kg
Tuners: Freeview HD, satellite 
Other availability: earphone out, optical advanced sound yield, Ethernet 
Sound: 50W aggregate yield 
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