Will Samsung Galaxy S10 be designed?

Samaj's new flagship phone, Galaxy S10, has yet to remain there for several months, but now with various leaks and reports, it can now be estimated how to look at the device.

On the Front, completely equipped with basket-like iPhone X, will completely replace new strategy, which will make this design more unique.

And now a Twitter user has written the latest design of the Galaxy S10 designer, which is basically equipped with a hole in the device with a cell phone camera.
Will Samsung Galaxy S10 be designed

The biggest loss of this design will be that it will not feature third-dimensional identification because it requires multiple ingredients and requires more space than a hole.

However, if you do not feel the need to lock the phone from the face, you'll definitely like the design of the flagship phone in which the company will first install the fingerprint sensor display.

Samsung has given such design about its Galaxy A8 because this company often tries to launch new features in mid-range phones, after which they are introduced in flagship phones.

So far, most companies are removing the slug or slider size of the design.

However, Samsung has adopted a much better idea and Apple seems to have liked this idea.

Apple has made a patent submitting details of the screen on the screen.
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