HTC U12 life specs review

Keep in mind when HTC had a great story concerning why the HTC U12+ conveys the "In addition to" moniker without a vanilla variant? Indeed, we do and we're not above bringing it up, only for the comedic impact. HTC was very inflexible that the U12+ would be the sole delegate of the U12 family. Furthermore, the "In addition to" postfix was essentially there as a method for telling customers that the telephone was adequate to contend with whatever another cell phone that conveys the "In addition to"monikers like the iPhone 8 Or more or the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Enter the HTC U12 Life - the famous destroying ball to that specific PR-mixed pile of cards, that is the first U12+ naming story. In all seriousness, HTC hasn't generally been doing great of late, so we are truly cheerful to perceive any new model revealing.
htc u12 life specs review
HTC U12 life 

Simply, make certain to alter your desires appropriately. The U12 Life, which is HTC's extravagant method for meaning its light gadgets, satisfies its name. It is a strong mid-officer, prepared sufficiently well to conflict with some current mainstream contenders from any semblance of Xiaomi or Nokia.

Therefore alone, the U12 Life merits looking at in more detail. Besides, dissimilar to your normal "light" variation, it doesn't really pursue its greater sibling in structure and internals. The U12 Life is to a greater extent an unmistakable gadget, one of a kind offer, all alone.

Design and hardware

To the extent the general impression and shape go, the U12 Life isn't too not quite the same as the U12+. All things considered, is based around a similarly measured 6-inch show. One additionally totals with bent corners and no score.

Since we are as of now regarding the matter of showcase, it is to some degree downsized, contrasted with the U12+. In particular, because of its 1080 x 2160 pixel goals. All things considered, it looks bounty sharp face to face. HTC additionally didn't feel very sufficiently sure to consider the specific board a Super LCD6 unit (according to its customary naming tradition).

We can't generally remark on its quality, without a doubt, until the point when we get the U12 Life in for a full survey, however, the board looked appropriately brilliant at the show floor in Berlin. Review edges were pleasant and wide and furthermore didn't frustrate.

We would lie in the event that we said that the U12 Life is a piece of the in vogue all-show swarm. It has an additional tall, 18:9 board. However, past that, the best and base jaws are genuinely wide. The equivalent is for the most part valid for the side bezels, on either side of the showcase.

We can't generally gripe excessively about the look. What has us stressed, however, is the suspicious nonattendance of data with respect to any defensive complete on both the front and the back. The units we got the chance to deal with were at that point scratched and scraped a considerable amount.

The edge of the U12 Life is essentially subject to a similar confidence. HTC evidently chose to do without the standard metal, sandwiched between glass approach and went for a plastic casing. It looks and feels sufficiently durable, yet doesn't generally ingrain indistinguishable level of certainty from metal.

In addition, it unquestionably contributes towards the general sentiment of "delicacy" of the U12 Life. For a telephone, which estimates 158.5 x 75.4 x 8.3 mm, 175 grams are truly on the low end. Joined with the plastic feel of the complete, it's not by any stretch of the imagination an extraordinary sensation. Might we venture to state, the U12 Life feels a bit excessively spending plan.

Looks, however, are an entire distinctive story. We truly need to praise HTC's structure group on the lovely work they have been doing on the backboards of ongoing models. Presently, we can't state without a doubt if the U12 Life pursues the equivalent "Fluid Surface" plan logic as the U12+, however, it is similarly as outwardly dazzling from the rear. However, in an altogether different manner.

HTC truly pulled off the two-tone look extremely well. Ostensibly superior to Google. On the off chance that you were pondering, the example on the lower parcel isn't really finished and the surface is smooth. All things considered, it looks great in both Evening glow Blue and Nightfall Purple shading choices.

It's only a genuine disgrace that HTC selected to make the board out of "acrylic glass", which is an extravagant method to state plastic. Consequently, you may very well need to cover that flawless back with a case to secure it.

Contacting quickly regarding the matter of controls and information sources - everything is entirely standard on the U12 Life. On the right - a volume rocker and power catch. Both strategically located, agreeable, with the last including an extremely decent finished wrap-up. Much the same as whatever is left of the telephone, these areas yet plastic, however.

On the left - a SIM plate, One of those cross breed issues, which can either take two or three nono-SIM cards or one of them can be swapped out for a microSD. On the best - a great old 3.5mm sound jack is checked and represented. On the base - a USB 2.0, Sort C port and a base terminating speaker.

One of two, actually. We are cheerful to state that, with regards to HTC convention, the U12 Life has a stereo setup. It's difficult to state exactly how it thinks about to the unbelievable Blast speaker setup, while on the uproarious show floor. In this way, we'll need to hit you up in the full survey.

Tragically, we didn't get an opportunity to run benchmarks at the occasion. That is something else left for the audit. In any case, you are on the whole presumably truly recognizable at this point, about what the Snapdragon 636 is prepared to do. Long story short - sufficient, consistently execution. For a more nitty-gritty look, you can look at one of our ongoing Xiaomi audits, similar to the Mi Max 3 or Redmi Note 5 simulated intelligence Double Camera.


The U12 Life boots Android 8.1 Oreo, with Sense UI or HTC Sense to finish everything. At first glance, it has an extremely perfect, relatively stock look to it, which we truly appreciate. There are some outstanding increments, however.

The HTC Sense friend application will remind you to charge your telephone on the off chance that you don't have enough squeeze to make it to your supper meeting (if it is in your date-book). It's very reminiscent of the Google Collaborator.

Boost+ is HTC's streamlining agent application for clearing garbage records, opening up Slam, searching for conceivable battery sparing settings, locking applications behind an example bolt, and the applications chief element is pleasant to erase a bundle of applications on the double.

Squint Feed is still here and it's only a swipe to one side of your home screen. We're not devotees of binding together all feeds inside a solitary one, yet clearly, some HTC clients still are. There's help for some interpersonal organizations, YouTube, news, and whatever else you jump at the chance to expand.

There is likewise Subject help, route bar alternatives, confront open and a couple of different treats added to the blend.


The U12 Life is shaking a truly standard setup: 16MP, f/2.0 fundamental snapper, joined by a 5MP unit, proposed only for profundity detecting. The main genuine "additional items" HTC included best are Stage location self-adjust, and a double Drove blaze.

The camera UI looks extremely perfect, with just a couple of extraordinary modes included, as Bokeh and Display. There is an Auto HDR flip and 4K@30fps video recording is bolstered out of the crate. Something we can't generally underestimate, given a portion of our ongoing encounters with Xiaomi's way to deal with market division.


Display; 6.00-inch.
Processor; 1.8GHz octa-core.
Rear camera; 16-megapixel (f/2.0) + 5-megapixel
Front camera; 13-megapixel (f/2.0)
Resolution; 1080x2160 pixels.
OS; Android 8.1 Oreo.
Storage; 64GB.
Battery Capacity; 3600mAh.
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