Samsung Galaxy S7 best cell phone of 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has now dropped to a much lower cost, yet it additionally has more rivalry than any other time in recent memory.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an outstanding telephone. It's a handset that packs extraordinary battery smarts, phenomenal camera capacities and heaps of crude power into an inexorably moderate bundle.

Despite the fact that Samsung has supplanted the Galaxy S7 with 2017's Galaxy S8 and the new Samsung Galaxy S9, it's as yet worth investigating the 2016 lead Samsung telephone for your next huge buy. The cost has started to drop astonishingly, and the World S8 comes up short on an amazing element that makes it an unquestionable requirement have over the Galaxy S7.
samsung galaxy S7
samsung galaxy S7

The plan is like 2015's Galaxy S6 - which means some have said the Galaxy S7 ought to be known as the Galaxy S6S - however, this top to bottom survey demonstrates there's significantly additionally going ahead in the engine to enhance the enhanced structure.

In case you're searching for the bent telephone variation of this structure, the Cosmic system S7 isn't contending as intimately with the GalaxyS7 Edge as the S6 did with the S6 Edge, with the bent presentation variation getting a knock in screen measure this time around, bringing it more into phablet region.

Cost and release date

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 once had a top of the line value it's currently very moderate, as you can discover it for around $300/£260/AU$580.

That huge drop is because of the dispatch of more current telephones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S9 - perceive the amount you'll have to spend on your agreement taking care of business Galaxy S7 bargains page, and anticipate that the cost will fall even lower over the long haul.

Despite the fact that there's the more up to date Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, it's hard not to like the Galaxy S7. It takes the much-enhanced, premium plan from the Universe S6 and restores a couple of highlights from the Galaxy S5 that were amazingly absent from its successor.

The bundle is an alluring one, yet 2016 was an extreme year for leader telephones, so Samsung required something important to remain ahead. The LG G5 propelled with an exceptional secluded draw yet fizzled, the HTC 10 hoped to revive a portion of the Taiwanese association's previous wonders (with blended achievement) and, obviously, the iPhone 7 arrived with no earphone jack and waterproofing to coordinate the Galaxy S7's comparative capacity.

Samsung may have been first out of the lead squares, yet it anticipated that would profit however much as could reasonably be expected from its strong start to stay before the pack.


At first look, the S7's screen has all the earmarks of being the equivalent as the 5.1-inch, QHD Super AMOLED offering on the Universe S6. The goals are as yet 2,560 x 1,440, giving you a stick sharp 577ppi pixel thickness.

That is no awful thing, as the screen on the S6 was astounding – yet Samsung's improved things even on the Galaxy S7.

The people over at DisplayMate have run free, objective logical examination on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge shows, and the outcomes demonstrate execution upgrades overall tests versus their S6 ancestors.

What does this all mean? The principal point is the screen on the Galaxy S7 is 24% more brilliant than its antecedent, with enhanced complexity proportions to boot.

Held next to each other with the Galaxy S6 I could see the Galaxy S7 screen had more white whites, and hues gave off an impression of being somewhat more common contrasted with the slight over-immersion on the S6.

To put it plainly, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has an incredible showcase. You're probably not going to see a lot of a distinction originating from a Galaxy S6, yet for those hoping to update from a handset that is more seasoned, your eyes are in for a treat.

Obviously fresher telephones like the Galaxy S9 and iPhone XS have this screen beat, but at the same time, they're undeniably costly.


At first look, you'd be pardoned for deduction the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks relatively indistinguishable to the Galaxy S6. Furthermore, that is on the grounds that it is.

Samsung has reused the top notch glass and metal completed it utilized on the S6, which at long last observed the producer move far from its dependence on plastic to materials which better mirrored the lead sticker price it was slapping on its best telephones.

After looking into it further, however, you'll start to see the unpretentious contrasts that make the Samsung Galaxy S7 the most attractive and feeling, Universe ever.

Samsung has dropped the metallic edge around its notable physical home key, empowering it to mix somewhat more consistently into the general stylish of the S7, nearly veiling its reality.

I'm a fan. It makes for a cleaner look, and that look is additionally enhanced with the shading coded earpiece grille, which was likewise metallic on the S6.
samsung galaxy S7
samsung galaxy S7
The corners are more adjusted, and the aluminum outline that is sandwiched between the front and back glass is less prominent, with less of a shade than its ancestor. That implies there is less metal against your skin, which at first makes the S7 feel somewhat less premium than the S6, yet once you have accustomed to it you'll think that it's as yet an in vogue nearness in the hand.

While the Galaxy S7 sports a similar size 5.1-inch show as the S6, Samsung has figured out how to shave off a small amount of the bezel around the screen, lessening the handset's stature and width marginally.

That gives you measurements of 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9mm – and it's that last number which is the most fascinating. At 7.9mm thick the Galaxy S7 is faster than the S6 by 1.1mm, yet grasping it you won't know.

That is a direct result of the delicately inclining edges on the back of the handset. The complete, which is reflected on the back of the Galaxy S7 Edge, is acquired from the Galaxy Note 5 and empowers the telephones to sit all the more cozily in the palm for a firmer, more agreeable hold.

The Galaxy S7 is a telephone you can grasp unquestionably – in contrast to the iPhone 6S and LG G5, with their level backs bringing about a marginally clumsy position in the hand. The metal and glass don't offer much in the method for hold, but since the telephone is better situated in the hand I had an inclination that I was more averse to neglect it contrasted and the iPhone or S6.

The size, shape and general plan of the Galaxy S7 imply it's simpler to hold and work one-gave as well. I could achieve the opposite side of the screen with my thumb with far less strain and is expected next to zero rearranging in the hand to move around the entire presentation.

The power/bolt key on the privilege and volume keys on the left additionally fall pleasantly under thumb and finger, despite the fact that regardless you'll need to juggle the S7 a bit to achieve the unique mark scanner, which is inserted under the physical home key.

Coming back to the back of the Galaxy S7, the square camera swell is still there, however, this time around it's less jutting. Samsung has figured out how to straighten its snapper extensively since the Galaxy S6 – it's currently down to simply 0.46mm, and keeping in mind that it's as yet not flush with the body of the S7, it's far less volcanic.

It's not absolutely level, which is something Huawei Chief Richard Yu was glad to educate us concerning at the dispatch of the P9 - a telephone which has, as Yu put it, "no knock, no knock!"

Close by it, you'll discover the Driven glimmer and pulse screen – a component Samsung demands putting on its best level handsets, despite the fact that a smartwatch or wellness tracker is vastly improved put for this tech. It likewise measures pressure and O2 immersion levels, despite the fact that it's hazy exactly how precise these sensors are.

It's there on the off chance that you need it – simply make a beeline for the S Wellbeing application – however, I can't see it getting much utilize.

What I saw very quickly, be that as it may, was exactly the amount of a unique mark magnet the Galaxy S7 is. The glass looks incredible, yet I wound up as often as possible going after my microfiber fabric to tidy up the presence of the S7.

It's the very same issue the Galaxy S6 had, and it's amazing that Samsung hasn't endeavored to address this with the S7.

There was trust Samsung would address the single speaker setup it set on the Galaxy S6, yet oh dear it hasn't. It's kept the single speaker on the base of the Galaxy S7, instead of picking double forward-looking contributions like HTC, Sony and more current Samsung telephones

It is anything but a tremendous issue, however, the outcome is sound from your motion pictures, diversions and music can wind up being suppressed by your hand.

Samsung has restored two highlights from the Galaxy S5 however, with a microSD opening and residue and water obstruction both showing up on the Galaxy S7. The microSD port offers a plate with your nanoSIM, which can be slid out of the highest point of the handset.

This gives you a chance to expand on the 32GB of interior stockpiling by up to a further 200GB, giving you a lot of room.

Then, the IP68 water opposition has enhanced from the S5, permitting submersion of up to five feet for 30 minutes, in addition to there's no irritating fold covering the charging port.

The miniaturized scale USB port has been waterproofed, however, the S7 won't charge in the event that it distinguishes water in its opening. On the off chance that you've taken the telephone for a dive in the shower, you'll have to dry the charging port before connecting.

Samsung hasn't reevaluated the wheel with the structure of the Galaxy S7, yet it didn't have to. The Galaxy S6 was a brilliantly styled gadget, and the S7 has figured out how to enhance that.


Toning it down would be best. We've all heard the expression, yet is it extremely obvious? Samsung surely considers so with regards to the camera on the Galaxy S7.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 had a splendid camera – we marked it the best available in 2015 – yet the South Korean goliath has upset its triumphant equation.

The 16MP snapper which decorated the back of the S6 is out, with a 12MP offering labeling in for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The camera does, at any rate, sit significantly flusher to the body, yet alerts might ring as that drop in pixels soaks in. Try not to freeze right now, however.
samsung galaxy S7
samsung galaxy S7
There is only one snapper, however, dissimilar to the double camera set up on the LG G5 and Huawei P9 - also the double focal point one all alone Galaxy S9 In addition to.

Low light execution is one of the huge offerings focuses for all cell phone producers, with everybody bragging about how well their cameras can perform when the lights go down.

With that in mind, Samsung has kept the sensor estimate the equivalent, yet by decreasing the number of pixels it implies everyone is presently bigger – that permits all the more light in, hence enhancing execution in low light and producing more honed, more splendid shots.

It's likewise made the focal point more extensive, empowering you to get more into a shot – ideal for pleasant scenes and transcending high rises when you don't need the problem of shooting a display.

That is just a large portion of the fight, however, as the Galaxy S7 still needs to take incredible shots when the light is great – and fortunately, it's uplifting news all around.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are the primary cell phones to include a double pixel sensor, an innovation at first worked for DSLR cameras. This gives the S7 quicker self-adjust, again enhancing the brilliance and by and large nature of your shots.

The thing that matters is obvious to see when you start up the camera application and hold it up to your subject. Gazing at the viewfinder on the screen, your subject seems more brilliant, lighter and clearer – it's a shockingly amazing accomplishment, and consequently comforts you.

Double tapping the home catch triggers the camera application snappy dispatch, quickly getting you to the snapper without you shutting another application first. Once the application has stacked you can utilize the volume keys, and in addition, the on-screen shade key, to snap a pic.

The volume keys can likewise be modified to zoom or to begin video recording in the event that you lean toward simple access to both of those.

There are a lot of modes and impacts to play with on the Galaxy S7, yet Samsung's auto mode is great for those simply needing a decent quality simple to use.

Keep HDR on auto as well, and the S7 will take some splitting shots. What truly emerged for me was the low light execution. There has been the clear enhancement in this office, and the camera works superbly of sucking in however much light as could reasonably be expected for haze-free, point by point photographs. It's really amazing.

For those searching for more control, the Cosmic Galaxy S7's Genius Mode presents an entire scope of controls including shade speed, white equalization, differentiation, splendor, and ISO. You can likewise spare pictures as uncompressed Crude documents close by the standard JPEGs.

There's an extensive variety of different modes as well, with Samsung stalwarts, for example, scene, particular concentration and moderate movement video joined by new augmentations including Sustenance and Hyperlapse.

The previous gives a dinner benevolent channel to enable you to archive your culinary experiences, and the last enhances the dependability and permeability of time-lapse video while limiting the document estimate for simple social sharing.

Samsung's additionally included Film and Movement scene to the Galaxy S7's camera armory. The film is the South Korean association's response to Live Photographs, which Apple presented on the iPhone 6S Or more.

Inconvenience is, Apple's execution is far superior. On the Galaxy S7, the brief moment of video catch is regularly obscured, and playback requires a tap on a symbol in the display – there's no instinctive hold down for the movement like on the iPhones.

General picture quality from the S7 is great, however. Hues are brilliant and energetic, detail is shockingly great thinking about the drop in megapixels, and lighting is first class on account of the enhanced low light abilities.

Round the front, Samsung has fought the temptation that has seen equals slap 8MP cameras (and now and again much higher) on their handsets, keeping things at 5MP. The excessively abusive excellence mode is here once more, prepared and holding up to make you resemble an outsider – it's best killed, or if nothing else dialed down.

A really helpful component, however, is the forward-looking blaze – in spite of the fact that you'll take note of there's no Driven mounted on the front of the Galaxy S7. Rather it utilizes the presentation to streak a white light at you, for an enlightened selfie in the low light environment.

Pictures from the front snapper are great, yet do not have the detail of adversary contributions. It's useful, however, you'll need to keep your genuine snaps for the fantastic back camera.

Battery life

Consistently, with each new lead cell phone I trust – no, I supplicate – that somebody's, at last, discovered the battery mixture we've all been needing. Things being what they are, has Samsung discovered the sacred vessel of cell phone innovation in 2016 with the Samsung Galaxy S7?

The remedy is still especially subtle, yet the Galaxy S7 takes ventures to attempt and enhance battery execution.

First up, Samsung's given us a greater battery – huzzah! – turning things up from the measly 2,550mAh offering in the Galaxy S6 to an undeniably pleasant 3,000mAh power pack in the S7.

Charging times have likewise been given a lift – both wired and remotely – with the quickest charge accomplished by means of the wired association, utilizing the quick charge connector which you'll discover in the crate.

I ran the Exynos 8890-controlled Galaxy S7 totally level and afterward connected it. After only 15 minutes it had just refueled to 25%, and around 30 minutes in I was at the half stamp.

Things backed off marginally from that point onward, yet I had a completely charged Galaxy S7 an hour and a quarter after it totally came up short on juice. That is a good execution – and 25% in 15 minutes is ideal for a speedy impact before you take off for the night.

In the interim the North American, Snapdragon 820-controlled handset likewise figured out how to recapture 25% in 15 minutes; half took around 35 minutes, and it was full in less than 90 minutes.

The central issue, however, is: does the Galaxy S7 keep going an entire day on a solitary charge? I can joyfully say: completely. It won't go two days – it's probably not going to accomplish over a multi-day and a half at a push – however, it's an enhancement over the Galaxy S6, and you can be sheltered in the information it'll make it to sleep time.

With overwhelming use, and running some somewhat escalated benchmarking tests and also a slug of gaming, music gushing and different exercises, the S7 figured out how to make it from 7am to midnight with around 15% still left in the tank.

More moderate use, with somewhat less gaming yet at the same time a decent lot of music gushing, messages and person to person communication, saw me getting into bed with around 30% still available for later. Also, the dependably on screen was, well, dependable on. That attempts even more noteworthy, as regardless it performed superior to its forerunner. 
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