Fujifilm X-T100 specs,features,picture quality ,performance

The Fujifilm X-T100 is the brand's most recent passage level mirrorless camera, opening in over the X-A5 and beneath the X-T20 in the X Arrangement extend.

Looks can be misleading, however, and keeping in mind that the X-T100 shares a structure all the more firmly identified with the mid-valued X-T20, a considerable lot of its inward highlights are really obtained from the X-A5.
Fujifilm X-T100 specs,features,picture quality ,performance
Fujifilm X-T100 

While the X-A5 is adapted towards more tenderfoot clients searching for an easy to utilize camera that conveys discernibly preferable pictures over their cell phone, the X-T100 is that next little advance up the stepping stool. With an inherent electronic viewfinder, and offering a more noteworthy level of control than the more fundamental X-A5, the X-T100 is intended to speak to those hoping to get more innovative with their photography.


The X-T100 highlights a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor with the more standard Bayer cluster, rather than the remarkable X-Trans configuration included in Fujifilm's further developed cameras like X-T20. What does this mean? Basically picture quality won't exactly equal its higher-estimated kin, however ought to fulfill generally clients.

It likewise implies the camera is fit for shooting an entirely wide ISO extend, from 100-51,200, in spite of the fact that in the event that you need to shoot crude you're limited to the X-T100's local scope of ISO200-12,800.

The X-T100 can likewise shoot 4K video – yet there is a little proviso here, as it's just at walker 15fps. In case you're after smooth video catch, you'll need to cut back to Full HD to accomplish this.

The Fujifilm X-T100's 4K video catch abilities aren't totally squandered, however, with the camera wearing a 4K Blasted Shooting mode that can catch 8MP pictures in a burst at 15fps. This is something Panasonic has offered for some time on its 4K-empowered cameras, albeit the majority of those can shoot at a quicker rate. In case you're needing to shoot full-goals pictures in quick progression the X-T100 can shoot a burst of pictures at 6fps, which is some way off the 14fps offered by the X-T20.

The X-T100 highlights an inherent electronic viewfinder (EVF), with the 0.39-inch show including a good 2.36 million-speck goals and a comparatively decent 0.62x amplification.

And in addition the EVF, the X-T100 as games an exceptionally sharp back showcase that offers a much more prominent scope of development than the higher-end X-T2 and X-H1. This sees the screen ready to be tilted far from the body for either abdomen level or raised shooting, while it can likewise be pulled outwards for the individuals who extravagant shooting selfies. It likewise has touchscreen usefulness, including contact center and shade, squeezes to zoom, drag to look over the picture and extra alternatives utilizing flick motions.

Most clients will get the X-T100 as a unit with the new withdrawing 15-45mm power long range focal point. With a central length proportionate to around 23-68mm in full-outline terms, it's somewhat more extensive than the normal pack focal point and somewhat shorter at its longest central length.

Notwithstanding Wi-Fi, the X-T100 highlights the low-control Bluetooth network choice we originally observed on the X-E3. When the camera has been combined with your cell phone utilizing Fujifilm's free Camera Remote application sharing pictures ought to be a breeze, as the X-T100 will naturally interface with recently matched cell phones gave Bluetooth is swung on to the two gadgets.

Picture quality 

For a passage level framework camera, the X-T100 conveys great pictures. While it might pass up Fujifilm's X-Trans sensor tech, the ordinary 24.2MP CMOS sensor still works to perfection.

Pictures are decent and sharp, and on the off chance that you would prefer not to get impeded preparing crude records from the X-T100 you'll be more than fulfilled by the variety of Film Reenactment modes on offer. Offering a determination of shading and mono alternatives that imitate a portion of Fujifilm's well-known film stock, they convey some extremely decent watching JPEG records straight out of the camera.

Your eagerness for the X-T100's Propelled Channel modes will boil down to individual taste, with some giving genuinely fascinating outcomes, despite the fact that we figure you're ideally serviced by a cell phone application or one of Instagram's numerous channels on the off chance that you need to give you photographs a more unmistakable look.

With regards to commotion execution the X-T100's sensor figures out how to hold detail up to ISO1600. It's over this affectability setting that you'll need to decide on the crude catch to abstain from having the X-T100's clamor decrease calculation forfeit detail to the detriment of cleaner-looking pictures. While commotion is available in crude records caught at ISO3200 and 6400, it's very much controlled.


The Fujifilm X-T100's 6fps blasted shooting velocity may put it behind the X-T20 and some different mirrorless adversaries, however, it's like a DSLR at this value point.

The X-T100 utilizes Fujifilm's attempted and tried 256-zone metering framework, which performs splendidly in scope of lighting circumstances. It can underexpose the shot when given a high-differentiate scene, so a little presentation remuneration or recuperation of shadow detail in post-preparing might be required, despite the fact that this desirable over overexposing the shot and gambling blown features.

It's a comparative story for the X-T100's Auto White Parity framework, which reliably replicated the shades of basically all that we pointed it at, in spite of the fact that you have a tolerable choice of white equalization presets to look over too.

The X-T100's electronic viewfinder is pleasant and splendid, with the 2.36 million-speck goals conveying a slack-free picture in great light. The back presentation has a decent dimension of clearness, while the touchscreen is pleasant and responsive, despite the fact that not exactly as smooth as those found on generally cell phones.
Fujifilm X-T100 specs,features,picture quality ,performance
Fujifilm X-T100 

As we discovered when it was combined with the X-A5, the 15-45mm power-zoom pack focal point can be somewhat of a blended sack. The plasticky feel may propose the optics will come up short, however, they're in reality truly solid, despite the fact that we'd even now prescribe putting resources into one of Fujifilm's exquisite conservative prime focal points to take advantage of the X-T100. The issue we have is with the activity of the focal point – the electrically-worked zoom feels somewhat lethargic and moderate.

Battery life is really useful for a mirrorless camera at 430 shots, yet the X-T100 doesn't exactly have the indistinguishable lifespan from a comparably valued DSLR. All things considered, it very well may be charged by means of USB, which can be quite convenient when you're out on the town, in spite of the fact that the battery level pointer isn't shown as a rate, which is a bit of baffling – rather you need to depend on three-bar battery level.


Sensor: 24.2MP APS-C CMOS 
Focal point mount: Fujifilm X-mount 
Screen: 3.0-inch three-way touchscreen, 1,040,000 dabs 
Blasted shooting: 6fps 
Self-adjust: 91-point AF 
Video: 4K 
Availability: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
Battery life: 430 shots 
Weight: 448g
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