Razer Phone 2 price specifications features, camera, and battery life

To take a gander at the new telephone from Razer, particularly from the front, you wouldn't generally know this was the Razer Telephone 2, it's so like a year ago's model – Razer is plainly diverting its internal Apple or Samsung, with striking trust in the first's structure.

Hell, even Apple has presented another shading alternative in the current year's iPhone XS go – with the Razer Telephone 2, you get dark with a mirror complete or dark with a matte wrap up.

Flip the telephone around and the back begins to mirror some key contrasts among it and its forerunner. In particular, a sheet of level glass rather than a year ago's everything metal body.
Razer Phone 2 price specifications features, camera, and battery life

Look over the spec sheet and you'll additionally see the internals have been helped in the Razer Telephone 2, with a Snapdragon 845 chipset inside, and the option of remote charging and IP67 residue and water opposition.

Razer has additionally accepted input from fans and pundits, lighting up the logo on the back of the telephone with a full range of RGB hues. The maximum screen brilliance has additionally been leveled up to a significantly more decent 645 nits, as opposed to the immaterial 300 nits of the first Razer Telephone.

Concerning the highlights making an arrival, you have 8GB Slam, 64GB of capacity with microSD development, double back cameras, executioner stereo speakers, a 4,000mAh battery and a 120Hz IGZO show.

So this thing will be magnificent for gaming, that is guaranteed – for power, sound, screen and ergonomics, this telephone nails it. The genuine purpose of this survey is to ask: will this telephone be useful for the 'life' stuff as well?

Release date and cost 

The Razer Telephone 2 cost is set at $799 (£779, around AU$1,200), which is $100 (£80, around AU$100) more costly than its ancestor at dispatch.

It is anything but an immense shock that the cost has been expanded – it's basic practice over the portable business – yet with this gadget, the value climb feels less justified than in different cases, given how comparative the new telephone looks to its ancestor. Obviously, remote charging, IP evaluations, and Chroma RGB goodness don't come modest.

Concerning the Razer Telephone 2 discharge date, you can get the Mirror Dark form now. The Stain Dark adaptation will be accessible later in the year, with accessibility in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific likewise anticipated.


As we've specified, from the front the Razer Telephone 2 looks basically indistinguishable to its antecedent, with sizable bezels lodging the intense speakers above and underneath the presentation, squared-off edges and a side-mounted power/bolt key. 

The power key additionally houses the unique mark scanner, which works rapidly and precisely. 

Flip the Razer Telephone 2 over however and things are all the more discernibly extraordinary. Razer has given the back of its new telephone a Gorilla Glass 5 makeover and moved the camera knock to a focal position at the highest point of the gadget. 

The knock is considerably more articulated than on gadgets like the Pixel 3, Note 9 and iPhone XS Max, so in the event that you need to make the entire backflush with it, you'll require a case. 

Whatever remains of the back is smooth and exquisite, a sheet of glass with a light-up Razer logo, utilizing the brand's own trademark of RGB – Chroma. 
Razer Phone 2 price specifications features, camera, and battery life

The Chroma application on the telephone enables you to tweak the logoits shading from a decision of 16.8 million tints, and you can likewise look over three changed states: breathing (shifts splendor here and there), static (keeps light on at one brilliance) and cycle (a gathering mode which spins through all hues). 

The RBG lighting impacts battery execution, however as we'll come to, even with it turned on the Razer Telephone 2 endured as long as we required it to on everything except the most serious of gaming and benchmarking days. Normally, in the event that you need to spare however much power as could reasonably be expected, you can turn it off totally. 

This takes the amazing aggregate of telephones stacked up with RGB lighting to… two, with the Razer Telephone 2 following after some admirable people close by the Asus ROG telephone. 

In the hand, the edges of the Razer Telephone 2 are unpretentiously more adjusted than those of its ancestor, making it more agreeable to hold, and the aluminum outline gives a decent arrangement of inflexibility to the handset. It's additionally pleasant and sturdy, with Jerry Apparatus Everything offering it the go-ahead with regards to getting hammered or a bowing. 

The Razer Telephone 2 estimates 158.5 x 78.99 x 8.5mm, which makes it somewhat greater than the first – however the distinction truly is insignificant, and you can at present utilize it with one hand. 

Many will regret the way that there's no earphone jack, with a USB-C association being the main port on the handset, yet the Razer Telephone 2 comes with a 3.5mm-to-USB-C connector in the crate – and it includes a 24-bit DAC for improved sound quality, which is a decent reward. 

Contrasting this connector with the one that ships with the Google Pixel 3, Razer's is, in fact, prevalent, with detectably more extravagant sound proliferation. 

This appreciated touch pleasantly supplements the double front-terminating stereo speakers, which gloat Dolby Atmos and Dolby Advanced 5.1 help. 

So beyond any doubt, for gaming, everything looks at – cuboid with slamming speakers and RGB lights. It's intense, however, and blocky, so in case you're not a gamer, there's a decent possibility the Razer Telephone 2 may abandon you chilly before you've even peered inside. 


The first Razer Telephone was intended to be about that show, with its 120Hz revive rate and QHD goals. Regardless of glints of splendor, in any case, the IGZO board made by Sharp wound up being an agony point in a few regards, with low max brilliance and more blunt hues than most contending leader telephones. 

The Razer Telephone 2 utilizes the equivalent 5.7-inch QHD 120Hz UltraMotion show as its forerunner on paper, however, this time around Razer has upgraded the maximum brilliance by half. Splendor currently tops at 645 nits, which will be a gift to anybody purpose on utilizing the telephone in direct daylight. 

The telephone's 120Hz invigorate rate gives dormancy free ongoing interaction, to a great degree smooth looking over, and an 8ms reaction rate. It does draw more power, yet you can look over three presets: 120Hz or 60Hz or 90Hz in the event that you need to spare a little squeeze 

Razer in name and razor essentially, this present telephone's screen is sharp, with the 1440 x 2560 goals conveying 515 pixels for every inch. Like the screen revive rate, the yield goals can likewise be tuned in the settings, with two alternatives: Full HD or the local goals of Wide Quad HD. 

There are parts of the screen we're not sold on, however – staying with a 16:9 viewpoint proportion for instance. Presently, this perspective proportion unquestionably has benefits. It gives you a taller field of view when playing amusements in the scene, which implies that when you're playing first-individual shooters, for instance, you won't need to vertically dish the camera to glance around to such an extent, sparing you valuable seconds in the warmth of the fight. 

Despite this, however, Razer's choice to run with 16:9 was still, as we would see it, a major slip-up. One next to the other in a shop, close by even a year ago's Samsung Cosmic system S8 In addition, which you can get for £370 less, it just looks old. 


Dissimilar to the new Mate 20 Star or LG V40, the Razer Telephone 2 doesn't have three cameras around the back, rather including an essential wide-edge camera and a 2x zooming focal point like the iPhones. 

The two cameras are 12MP, with the primary camera including a f/1.75 opening focal point, while the zooming focal point gap is f/2.6. 

Fortunately, Razer has acquainted OIS with the essential focal point, which truly causes when contrasted with the main Razer Telephone, particularly with video recording. There are additionally much more modes out of the container, including programmed mode, representation mode, excellence mode, and scene. 

The camera likewise bolsters up to 4K video, however, there's no moderate movement choice. 

Photographs in great light have good measures of detail. Tapping the screen both concentrations and resets introduction for spot-centered metering. In spite of an auto HDR highlight, be that as it may, dynamic range isn't incredible, falling behind all the primary players. 

The second the light drops only a bit, so too details, with complexity being too high, clamor decrease muddying things and clearness falling low regardless of discernible honing being connected. The outcome is an excessively sensational looking, disappointing picture more often than not - and with respect to dull scenes, it's something of a return to what leads were doing around three years prior. 

Things don't enhance when we move onto the fax camera - we would, in general, maintain a strategic distance from this. It's useful for the profundity of field impacts, which really aren't excessively decrepit, however when it comes, making it impossible to 2x zoom pictures they don't convey a perceivable measure of additional detail when contrasted with their wide-point partners, and it's surprisingly more dreadful in poor lighting. 
Razer Phone 2 price specifications features, camera, and battery life

It's baffling, as you can get some extraordinary shots in the correct lighting once you know how to control the Razer Telephone's camera. So would we be able to propose the Razer Telephone 2 as a camera telephone knowing what else is available? Tragically not. 

Then, the selfie camera with its 8MP goals and f/2 gap offers bokeh and magnificence impacts. Unsharp is the name of the amusement here, with even shots were taken in great light looking somewhat gentler than comparable shots from other best end telephones - in spite of the fact that when you're discussing selfies that aren't generally a terrible thing. 

Strangely, the best thing about the Razer Telephone's camera is its video execution. The up to 4K goals film looks pro, and even holds up in average lighting, a lot amazingly 


A gaming telephone is just in the same class as its stereo speakers - and fortunately for the Razer Telephone, its stereo speakers are slamming. 

They convey the sort of ground-breaking, fresh and adjusted, it manasound you'd seek after when playing recreations without earphones. 

Inside the settings are a scope of tuning alternatives affability of Dolby, with equalizer customizations and some presets – dynamic, film and music. You can likewise pick custom, and there's a bass enhancer as well. 

In the event that you get some time with the Razer Telephone 2, we would encourage you to experiment with the Dolby Atmos demo inside the settings. The sound partition it features is not normal for anything we've utilized before on a telephone – it's very amazing. 

Normal substance additionally sounds extraordinary, and keeping in mind that the Pixel 3XL might be somewhat louder volume isn't all that matters, and we're certain you won't be baffled in the event that you care about sound and get the Razer Telephone 2. 

This sound magnificence likewise reaches out to the provided USB-C to 3.5mm jack connector, which includes a 24-bit DAC, and sounds substantially superior to anything other provided connectors we've utilized. 

Capacity and connections
64GB of capacity is short of what we would have wanted to find in the Razer Telephone 2. Given that gadget like the Motorola One, Respect 8X and Respect Play cost not exactly a large portion of the cost of the Razer Telephone 2 and furthermore transport with 64GB, it's baffling that we didn't get 128GB in this top-notch gaming telephone. 

It offers microSD card extension; notwithstanding, substantial amusements frequently must be introduced on the interior stockpiling, and when Fortnite is 2.54GB, Beast Seeker over 3GB and Foul play 2 over 1GB, that is over 10% of the telephone's stockpiling gone on only three diversions. 

On the off chance that you wind up getting the Razer Telephone 2 and realize that you'll need heaps of recreations on it, we'd encourage you to get a SD card, and set your telephone's camera to spare all your photographs and recordings to it, to keep a greater amount of the implicit stockpiling free for diversions. 

Alternate associations are good. The Snapdragon 845 conveys download velocities of up to 1.2Gbps, there's Bluetooth 5.0 locally available, and, as made reference to, there's a USB-C to earphone jack connector in the case. 


The Razer Telephone 2's battery story is definitely not basic. The numbers are strong: 4,000mAh - keeping pace with the Huawei Mate 20 and the Samsung System Note 9. In everyday utilize, similar to those different telephones, it additionally keeps going an entire day, with around 15% left in the tank when we turned in many evenings. 

Regardless of this, maximum brilliance screen-on time in test conditions was poor - more regrettable than most different leaders available. An hour and a half video thumped the battery down to 70%. To place that into the setting, the OnePlus 6T, after precisely the same test just dropped to 90%. 

So in the event that you plan on setting your Razer Telephone 2 at the full bar, there's a decent shot battery life will change more than most gadgets relying upon screen time. 

It is superior to the first Razer Telephone as far as charging alternatives, with Qi remote charging support, finish with an extravagant discretionary RGB charging dock, and Quick charge 5. There's likewise a battery saver mode accessible in the settings to help squeeze out considerably more life.


Screen Size; 5.7-inch IPS LCD
Screen Resolution; 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (515 pixels per inch)
Operating System; Android 8.1 Oreo
Storage; 64GB
Camera; Dual 12MP + 12MP rear, 8MP front
Price; $800
Battery; 4,000 mAh
Fast charging (Quick Charge 4.0+)
Qi wireless charging
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