LG SK10Y soundbar; Design and features and Performance

A soundbar that tries to do everything, the LG SK10Y flaunts Dolby Atmos bolster, High-Res Sound affirmation, Google Collaborator usefulness, and Chromecast similarity. On account of another association with English hello there fi authority Meridian Sound, it likewise conveys some noteworthy sonic qualifications.

Having driven the extravagance television motivation with OLED, LG presently needs to take comparative initiative with sound, and Meridian appears the ideal accomplice to help. The top of the line sound outfit has been associated with part decision and physical development, however, has this extremely had any kind of effect?
LG SK10Y soundbar; Design and features and Performance
LG SK10Y soundbar

The SK10Y heads a trio of LG Dolby Atmos soundbars, alongside the littler SK9Y, and passage level 2.1 channel SK8Y. Having invested some energy with the SK10Y, we can state that it essentially ticks each case one may have when searching for the perfect soundbar.

Nonetheless, with a recommended cost of $1099 (£1,199/AU$1,699), the LG SK10Y isn't the least expensive Dolby Atmos soundbar around. All things considered, the individuals who possess an ongoing LG TV might need to consider the SK10Y on account of the South Korean organization's consistent combination of the two gadgets.

Design and features

The SK10Y is a major monster. An entire 65 inches wide (144cm), it's the biggest soundbar LG has ever delivered and requires either an extremely wide AV table or divider region for mounting.

The last is accomplished by means of an L-molded section, and this makes the enormous ban extend out from the divider essentially – not an incredible look. The soundbar has coordinated Dolby upfiring speakers, so it can't be situated in a bureau, either.

Potential purchasers may likewise need to think about how LG's top of the line soundbar will look underneath their television. Because of its outrageous width, LG prescribes the SK10Y be utilized with televisions that are 65 inches or more in size, making it a not exactly perfect decision for those with little sets.

The SK10Y accompanies a remote, 200W, front-terminating subwoofer, more than equipped for taking care of profound bass. This simply should be stopped adjacent.

Regarding ease of use, the SK10Y exceeds expectations. We cherish that it has Chromecast usefulness implicit and that it tends to be incorporated into a Google-based multi-room sound framework, which you would then be able to control by voice by means of Google Right hand. Bluetooth gushing is standard, and associations incorporate 4K HDMI passthrough (2x inputs and 1x yield) and an optical sound information.

With regards to controlling the SK10Y, its remote control functions admirably enough, with catches to modify volume, quiet, change work and to play, interruption and skip tracks amid music playback, however, we discovered that its streamlined plan made it fairly baffling to utilize while altering sound settings.


Started up, the LG SK10Y surely makes a great mass of sound. It's assigned as a 5.1.2 Atmos arrangement, which implies that notwithstanding twin best-mounted speakers there's a triple cluster on the front sash (left, focus, appropriate), in addition to side-terminating channels at either edge.

These side drivers aren't intended to ricochet call out a divider; rather they utilize Acoustic Stage Coordinating to modify the planning of the sound, which makes an impression of encompassing sound.

We tried the SK10Y with various 4K Ultra HD Blu-beams with Dolby Atmos tracks and left away exceptionally inspired with the three-dimensional sound that the soundbar could create.

Most importantly, we tried Star Wars: The Last Jedi — a film (and arrangement) known for flaunting marvelous sound impacts and music. Commencing with the film's opening space fight, we encountered taking off elements as X-wing starfighters flew over our heads and laser impacts zipped directly past us — or possibly that is the thing that it felt like.

Next up, we experimented with Equity Class' punchy Atmos track and left away similarly as inspired by the vivid soundscape the SK10Y soundbar could accomplish, especially amid submerged successions including Aquaman. While we didn't really feel like we were submerged in water, the soundbar helped offer the scene.

The SK10Y isn't just about films. It's High-Res Sound prepared, and 24-bit 192kHz-competent. It bolsters the standard determination of lossless codecs, yet not MQA.

Aluminum tweeters can reach up to a High-Res Sound identification guaranteeing 40Hz. LG likewise says these cones give a higher sound weight level over silk vault tweeters. The SK10Y had no issue weight stacking our listening room.

While all Dolby Atmos soundbars include a tallness segment, they tend not to make a completely vivid listening knowledge, at any rate when contrasted with a Dolby Atmos AV beneficiary utilizing numerous physical speakers.

The SK10Y makes a decent attempt to battle this. For one, it has variable overhead volume, which empowers clients to make up for various roof statures. The organization is additionally offering a different combination of remote back speakers, the SPK8s.
LG SK10Y soundbar; Design and features and Performance
LG SK10Y soundbar

This bundle contains a couple of little, remote front aligned squawkers and an independent 140W two-channel enhancer. At the point when combined with propositions raises, the SK10Y offers full 5.1 encompass sound, in addition to stature; successfully 7.1.2, with an aggregate power yield of 690W. It was in this setup that we tuned in to the framework.

The SK10Y has been worked around the standard Dolby DAP chipset and incorporates highlights basic to that, to be specific a discourse enhancer, volume leveler and volume modeler. The last is utilized to keep up dimensions of bass, notwithstanding when volume levels are diminished. It keeps the soundstage copping out when sensible listening levels are connected.

Lamentably, it additionally implies the SK10Y can't bolster DTS:X, the opponent vivid sound configuration. Nonetheless, the soundbar will decipher DTS Ace Sound, and this and other non-Atmos sound sources can be upscaled for all-channel tuning in.

We tried this DTS upscaling impact with 4K Ultra HD Blu-beam of Interstellar, which needs Dolby Atmos yet conveys a solid DTS-HD track that is both lofty and unobtrusive in its elements.

Honestly, the distinction between Interstellar's DTS HD track and Star Wars' Dolby Atmos track was genuinely minor to our ears, with both offering a fantastic encompass sound understanding. Notwithstanding your picked film's sound source, it's probably going to sound awesome on the SK10Y.
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