Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; best cell phone of 2015, display,design,battery life and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a striking handset, accepting the title as the world's first double bent presentations cell phone.

It pulls in the eye, places butterflies in my stomach and makes me feeble at the knees. Samsung has, finally, made a handset which packs a ground-breaking punch as well as looks incredible as well.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; best cell phone of 2015, display,design,battery life and Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Following on from the Galaxy Note Edge which flaunted a solitary bent screen, the Galaxy S6 Edge was supposed for quite a while so its landing wasn't an astonishment - it's the normal movement for Samsung's bent presentation innovation.


I've officially communicated my affection for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's plan, yet in truth, this is a Jekyll and Hyde gadget.

Place the S6 Edge look up on a work area and you can't resist the urge to be awed with the broadsides, adjusted metal edge and in general premium intrigue of the handset.

These are compliments typically saved for the iPhone territory and HTC's One arrangement, yet Samsung has figured out how to pull its plan office into the 21st century banishing plastic to the lesser mobiles in its line up.

There's no doubt there are a few similitudes to Apple's plan here. The arrangement of the earphone jack, small-scale USB port, and machine penetrated speaker openings on the base copy the iPhone 6, while the change from a volume rocker to isolate metal keys on the left likewise proposes a Cupertino impact.

With the edges of the handset decreasing to an extremely thin profile on account of those double bent showcases, there's no space for a SIM plate - in addition to that glass raise isn't falling off.

This has constrained Samsung to the highest point of the handset where it lines up close by an Infrared blaster, convenient for controlling your home amusement frameworks.

Everybody I demonstrated the World S6 Edge was inspired by the handset's top-notch advance and rich bends - that was until the point that they really lifted it up.

While the front of the S6 Edge is wonderfully bent, the back is as level as a flapjack, in a flash making the handset feel much more extensive than it is.

Originating from the HTC One M9 which sports a beautiful angling metal behind which settles superbly into the palm, the S6 Edge never felt comfortable in my grasp.

Things are made somewhat more unendurable on account of the metal casing which circles the circuit of the gadget.

On the front it doesn't sit flush with the bent Gorilla Glass 4, making a fairly irritating lip which you don't get on the Galaxy S6, while on the back the edges of the casing are sharp and dive into your hand.

The Galaxy S6 Edge lands close by the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the two handsets share essentially indistinguishable specs. The S6 Edge is marginally thicker (7mm versus 6.8mm), somewhat lighter (132g versus 138g) and packs a marginally greater battery (2600mAh versus 2550mAh), however that is it.

The polished glass raise offers little in the method for hold, which influenced me to fix my grip on the handset, bringing about the casing delving into my palm more.

It's never going to draw blood, and I wasn't actually in agony, yet the S6 Edge is uneasy to hold for broadened periods.

Had Samsung rehashed the bent plan of the front on the back the Cosmic system S6 Edge would sit significantly better in the hand. It might make it somewhat thicker, however, that would mean a greater battery and no camera projection - which in my book would be beneficial things.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; best cell phone of 2015, display,design,battery life and Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Staying with the back and I need to state I'm somewhat disillusioned. For all the beneficial things I can say in regards to how the World S6 Edge looks front-on, everything is by all accounts fixed by a carelessly actualized back.

Genuine, you don't invest much energy taking a gander at the back of your cell phone, however, the back of the World S6 Edge seems as though it was a touch of a bit of hindsight.

I'm totally supportive of moderation, yet the level, clear back does nothing to touch off the faculties and the massive camera focal point raising its appalling head from the S6 Edge is a fairly ugly sight.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is accessible in white, dark, gold and green - and the last three uncover exactly the amount of a unique mark magnet it is.

There is some proof of this on the white model when you kill the screen, yet alternate hues uncover the full impact of the finger smircesh - front and back.

To put it plainly, you'll wind up cleaning your Galaxy S6 Edge frequently in the event that you don't need your oily paw prints on show.

Samsung's notable home catch is held on both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, however, it's been refreshed with a boundlessly enhanced unique mark scanner (more on that later) and a sturdier development.

This makes it feel more premium and versatile, while the touch delicate 'back' and 'performing multiple tasks' keys flank it, enlightening just when required.

The plan of the Samsung World S6 Edge is great and an enormous jump forward from the System S5 and even the Universe Note Edge.

The advanced premium look and feel legitimizes its elevated sticker price somewhat more, yet various niggles bring down the general understanding.


You're not going to discover a showcase like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on some other cell phone. It's an extraordinary bit of designing and it absolutely looks noteworthy.

The fundamental showcase estimates 5.1-inches and flaunts a QHD, 1440 x 2560 goals giving pin sharp lucidity and Samsung's Super AMOLED innovation guarantees everything is brilliant and dynamic.

That gives you a pixel thickness of 577ppi, which bests the Galaxy Note 4 with a similar goal extended over its bigger 5.7-inch screen bringing about 515ppi.

While the Galaxy S6 is the regular successor to the Galaxy S5, the S6 Edge essentially replaces the Galaxy Note Edge which shook up in 2014 with a 5.6-inch, 524ppi screen, yet only one side of its presentation was bent.

What's more, it's the double bending sides on the Galaxy S6 Edge which are the key idea for the handset. There's no uncertainty they deliver an exceptionally appealing handset, and the Gorilla Glass 4 covering should keep it very much secured.

On paper at that point, the Galaxy S6 Edge sports a great screen, and keeping in mind that I can't blame it as far as goals and clearness, the knock from full HD to QHD doesn't really add a ton more to the experience.

Samsung's Super AMOLED innovation makes it emerge when contrasted with the 1080p Sony Xperia X and OnePlus 3, yet there's not a great deal to pick between the S6 Edge and the plugging show found on the Galaxy S5, besides the new Google Pixel XL and Nexus 6P.

Try not to misunderstand me, however, the presentation on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is exquisite and the manner in which it delicately bends away on each side will make you feel all warm and fluffy inside. Simply don't expect a checked advance up from 2014's armada.

It's not only for show, be that as it may, and Samsung is persuaded its imaginative side screens can give some truly valuable capacities. I, then again, am not entirely certain.

First up you can just have the edge screen on the left or right of the screen - there's no choice to have subtle elements shown on the two sides all the while - which appears a little illogical.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge; best cell phone of 2015, display,design,battery life and Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
On the Galaxy Note Edge you can call up the edge screen anytime, yet on the Galaxy S6 Edge, it's solitary accessible when the screen is off.

There is extra usefulness identifying with the edge when the screen is on, yet again it's generally constrained - more on this on the following page.

The segment of applications you got on the Galaxy Note which included alternate ways to key applications and devices, for example, a ruler has been totally forgotten on the Galaxy S6 Edge.


The back confronting camera on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is magnificent. It's outstanding amongst other cameras I've had the joy of utilizing on a cell phone.

You'll locate similar cameras here that you get on the Galaxy S6, with a 16MP back confronting snapper and a 5MP alternative in advance.

That is very little of a redesign on paper over the 16MP/2MP offering on the Universe S5, and the HTC One M9 and Sony Xperia Z3 can flaunt more megapixels with 20.7MP shooters.

Try not to give that put you a chance to off, however, as combined with that QHD show and some genuinely quick preparing the camera on the Galaxy S6 Edge is a delight to utilize.

The picture quality pros over at DXO Check concur, giving it a score of 86, which was sufficient for it to top the outlines. It's since been beaten by the Sony Xperia Z5 with a score of 87, however, it's as yet sitting at the number 2 spot.

Having the capacity to dispatch the camera from anyplace on the handset by simply double tapping the home catch is a valuable element, and the reality it stacks the camera in a flash means you're substantially less prone to miss a shot.

It's perceptibly snappier to fire up than the iPhone 6 and 6 Or more, and you get crisper, more point by point pictures too versus Apple's 8MP sensors.

Samsung has chipped away at its camera application, making it less jumbled and less demanding to utilize - and it's a much-needed development as past cycles just tossed in highlights left, right and focuses and they hindered really taking an image.

The application presently has a bunch of modes including auto, expert, specific center, display, virtual shot, moderate movement, and quick movement.

More often than not I stayed with auto, as the Galaxy S6 Edge works superbly at perceiving your environment and adjusting the settings to get you the best picture.

Ace mode opens up different choices, for example, white parity, introduction, and complexity in the event that you need to adjust your shot, while display bolsters both vertical and flat scopes giving you more opportunity.

The particular center enables you to pick the purpose of focal point of a picture after you've snapped it. You just get a decision of three; close, far or all, yet it's a smart impact and worth playing around with when you get a shot.

The virtual shot is to a greater extent a gimmicky component yet in addition sort of cool. Select a question you need a 3D perspective of and after that move the S6 Edge around it. The telephone will catch a progression of pictures and fasten them together into a GIF.

You would then be able to look round the question by tilting your telephone left and right. It's enjoyable to flaunt, however, the quality is entirely low and it very well may be an issue catching the shot in any case.

The S6 Edge can record 4K video utilizing its back camera, and 2K video on the front, however in the event that you select to record moderate or quick movement you'll just have the capacity to catch the film in 1280 x 720.

Back to snapping photographs and in addition stacking up astonishingly rapidly the Galaxy S6 Edge additionally has a smooth screen speed.

The camera focal point is in a decent area on the back of the handset and I once in a while found my fingers meandering into a shot - something that happens a great deal with iPhones.

In case you're experiencing difficulty coming to the onscreen screen key you can utilize the volume catches as an afterthought to snap an image - something which comes in particularly helpful when utilizing the forward-looking snapper for a brazen selfie. There's even a stunner mode to make your skin look impeccable/counterfeit.

The S6 Edge performs best outside in light, with an abnormal state of detail caught and even the 4x computerized zoom doesn't corrupt quality as much as I was anticipating.

Inside the S6 Edge is a solid entertainer and keeping in mind that low light is as yet a work in advancement for all cell phone cameras, there is a discernible enhancement around there over the 2014 line up.

There is a Driven glimmer on the back, yet similarly, as with numerous cell phones, it will in general rule the shot and overexposure, your subject so attempt and abstain from utilizing it.

You can look at a portion of the flawless pictures I could take with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the following page.

Battery life 

At the point when the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was declared at MWC 2015 concerns were raised over the battery life of the handset.

Could the 2600mAh battery - a full 200mAh littler than the power pack found in a year ago's Galaxy S5 - truly give a good execution? Unfortunately, the appropriate response is no.

With a higher goals show and all the more amazing processor to battle with the battery inside the Galaxy, S6 Edge battles to see out an entire day on a solitary charge.

In the event that you believe that is awful extra an idea for the Galaxy S6 which sports a similar high-res screen and power yet need to manage with a littler 2550mAh power pack.

Something unique which might be a knife through the core of any faithful Samsung proprietor is the reality the battery can't be expelled - and hence swapped out for a completely charged pack.

It's a trade-off Samsung has made for an enhanced plan - and the S6 Edge looks incredible - yet in addition since it trusts it would now be able to convey a solid battery execution. Gee.

Amid moderate use for the duration of the day which began at 7am and incorporated a hour or two of Spotify, a hour of gaming, different messages over an assortment of applications, some web perusing and messages, a couple of camera shots and the odd telephone call, I found the S6 Edge was limping towards the charger around 10 pm.

Considering we were seeing around multi-day and a half of battery life from 2014's leads with comparative use, this drop in continuance is a genuine disgrace.

The impact the screen has on battery life is clear - I effortlessly bit through the primary 20% of the battery inside a principal couple of hours of the day amid my regularly scheduled drive by persistently gaming and spilling music to my Bluetooth earphones.

A little redeeming quality is the Galaxy S6 Edge loses almost no power in reserve mode. On the off chance that your telephone puts in the greater part of the day sitting around your work area, in your sack or covered up in a pocket you ought to have a better than average slug of life left with regards to the night.

Samsung's response to this somewhat faulty battery life is its quick charging innovation. The Galaxy S6 Edge charges 1.5 occasions quicker than past Galaxy S models, and it can recapture four hours of utilization from only 10 minutes of charging.

Now that is amazing, and it is attainable, however just with the packaged charging obstruct that comes in the case.

On the off chance that you leave this charger at home and obtain somebody's the point at which you're all over the place then you won't profit by this super rapid catalyst.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is likewise remote charging empowered, and it's perfect with most remote charging cushions and tangles right now available, which makes it less demanding to refuel - albeit again you won't get the quick charging usefulness here.

Or maybe shockingly when I put the S6 Edge through the TechRadar video test which sees a full HD, hour and a half video played at full brilliance, with records matching up out of sight over Wi-Fi, it lost simply 15%.

That is not in the same class as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the LG G Flex 2, yet it beats the HTC One M9, iPhone 6 Or more, and Sony Xperia Z3. It's not all terrible news at that point.

On the off chance that you're extremely battling for the battery, you can generally swing to Samsung's capacity sparing modes.

The standard power sparing mode limits execution decreases screen brilliance, outline rate, and timeout and a couple of different odds and ends to attempt and squeeze additional time from the power pack.

In the event that that is insufficient, you can take outrageous measures and turn on Ultra Power Sparing Mode. This secures the whole Android interface to abandon you with a restricted highly contrasting board with access to only six center applications.

I exchanged on Ultra Power Sparing Mode with only 4% of battery left and it figured out how to keep the Galaxy S6 Edge going for an additional two hours - which is entirely noteworthy.


Release date March 2015
Screen size (inches) 5.10
Resolution 1440x2560 pixels
Dimensions (mm) 142.10 x 70.10 x 7.00
Processor 1.5GHz octa-core
Internal storage 32GB
Rear camera 16-megapixel
Rear flash LED
Front camera 5-megapixel
Operating system Android 5.0
Weight (g) 132.00
Battery capacity (mAh) 2600
Colours White, Gold, Blue, Green
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