Xiaomi Mi 7 to Sport 6-Inch Bezel-Less Display, Dual 16 megapixel Camera Setup

The iPhone Ten Release has been released, Samsung Galaxy S9 does not just reach its peak, so it's time to look at Shami's next device in the world's fifth largest smartphone. We are talking about the Xiaomi Mi7, which will increase the spread of the institution in the world's largest markets after MIX 2.
Xiaomi Mi 7 to Sport 6-Inch Bezel-Less Display, Dual 16 megapixel Camera Setup

Xiaomi's flagship designs have a great reputation worldwide and that is why Mi 7 has a lot of expectations. Even if they do not meet, at least many key global markets will be sold in a large number. This belief is due to its wonderful features and amazing value.

By the way, this phone will not be available for the next few months as it has not been announced yet, but its features have come up with diverse sources.

The 6-inch elegant screen in Xiaomi Mi7, which is spread from a corner to almost another edge. Such a big OLED panel is a new milestone for Xiaomi because it has it's Mai 6 and MySpace 2 5.15 and 5.99-inch IPSLD respectively.

Then back in Mi 7, there will also be a fingerprint reader and 3 capabilities of a face-to-face recognition. Not only this but also a powerful processor installed inside, Sniper Dragon 845 and 6GB with RAM Mi 7 will make a perfect set. Then wireless charging facility will also be available on the phone.

Xiaomi's phones are also known for their excellent cameras and the MI7 will not be disappointed. It has a backdrop of 16-megapixel dual-camera cameras. But interesting, rather surprisingly, the cost of this set would be less than $ 410.

Can this really be a living phone at this cost? It will tell you in the coming time, but if it really costs its value, it will capture the market.
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