TCL 55P607 Smart TV


In case you're new to TCL's range of TVs, the P-Arrangement is around the widely appealing model. It centers around picture execution (that is the thing that the P remains for) yet it neither holds rank at the best nor base of TCL's television echelon. 

What's more, that is alright. Things being what they are, the center is a decent spot to be.

The C-Arrangement, which stands simply over the P-Arrangement, offers an inherent soundbar and a contemporary plan for an additional $50, while the S-Arrangement drops Dolby Vision from the condition for around $100 not as much as the P-Arrangement. The P-Arrangement won't have a 'contemporary' plan or an implicit soundbar, however, it supports Dolby Vision, a vital segment of HDR execution. Up until this point, it's not all that terrible being the center youngster. 

The drawback, be that as it may, is that for the present, TCL's P-Arrangement just comes in a single size: an impressive, yet not overpowering 55-inch show. There will be a 50-inch and a 65-inch form at some point not far off be that as it may, for now, the sum total of what we have is the stalwart, spending plan cognizant 55-inch screen to sink our teeth into. 

The P-Arrangement remains on two metal u-molded legs that have elastic cushioning on the base to avoid slippage. They can be fitted moderately rapidly, and the television ought to be up and running in a matter of minutes on the off chance that you have the majority of your links arranged and prepared to be connected to. 

Discussing fittings and ports, the 55P607 backings three HDMI 2.0 ports with HDCP 2.2, one with HDMI Curve, one USB 2.0 port, a 3.5mm Earphone Jack and Computerized Optical-In, in addition to an AV In port that takes your standard composite (Red-White-Yellow RCA) input, awesome for exemplary gaming or more seasoned AV gadgets. 

It's altogether housed inside a slim(ish) dark shell that is someplace in the middle of the paper-thin OLED screens we've seen such a large amount of this current year and the more established Drove LCD screens of yesteryear. The bezel is obvious however not diverting, in any event to us, but rather should you need something somewhat sleeker there's dependably the TCL C-Arrangement to consider. 

Plan TL;DR: The P-Arrangement is restricted in its size (it's solitary accessible in a 55-inch rendition right now), however else it nails it in the outline division.

Smart TV Function

The brilliant television rendition of Roku the two looks and acts like the stage utilized on spilling video gadgets like the Roku Ultra and Roku Premiere+: The Home area contains all the applications in your library, while My Feed tracks motion pictures and Programs you're keen on and demonstrates to you where they can be found. We're likewise quite huge devotees of Roku's general inquiry highlight that rifles through 300+ applications to discover motion pictures and Network programs and shows them with the least expensive choice first.

Generally, Roku television is basic, effective and sufficiently direct for the vast majority to get and use without an issue. 

New for the stage in 2017 is the capacity to name inputs (naming one contribution as Xbox or DVD Player rather than Information 1, and so on… ), some extra cell phone highlights and, out of the blue, Dolby Vision bolster. Dolby Vision enables you to get without a doubt the most from the television regarding execution and keeping in mind that finding Dolby Vision content is somewhat of a problem, Roku completes a great job featuring all the accessible substance in another column in the 4K UHD Spotlight application. 

Brilliant television TL;DR: Adaptable as ever and progressively more effective and simple-to-use with each passing day, Roku television improves an incredible television even.

HD/SDR Performance

While 4K/HDR is the superstar here, HD/SDR doesn't look half terrible either. Splendid zones are brighter and dim parts darker because of TCL's Difference Control Zone innovation that independently lights up and diminishes 72 areas of the screen, and a similar tech that influences HDR to look so rich and lively additionally helps make HD/SDR pictures truly sparkle. 

In case you're searching for demo substance to flaunt this new screen, your most logical option is to stick to motion pictures and demonstrates that underscore splendid hues over darker, subtler tones. It isn't so much that the TCL 55P607 can't deal with night scenes stuffed with inky blacks, it's simply altogether better at taking care of brighter sorts of substance. Toon films like Moana, The Life of Pets and more look sumptuous on this screen and its execution equals a portion of the current year's ideal and brightest boards like the Samsung Q7F QLED television and Sony Bravia XBR-X900E. 

It's a marginally unique story when we discuss what darker substance looks like on TCL's esteem entertainer – those pleasant inky blacks can swing to smooth dim before your eyes – yet generally, we left away awed with what it could do. 

The most baffling minute we had with the television came amid the Round of Honored positions Season 7 opener when the unfavorable dull dark mist came in. What should've been an epic prologue to the season looked grainy and pixelated? Things cleared up by the following scene, however, the slight violation of social norms demonstrated that TCL isn't prepared to go up against OLED in dark level execution at any point in the near future. 

HD/SDR Execution TL;DR: TCL's P-Arrangement still has a bit to do as far as upscaling and dark level execution, yet general HD/SDR content (particularly splendid pictures) looks incredible.

4K/HDR Execution 

The superstar here is 4K/HDR. Pass on, the TCL 55P607 gives the best execution per-dollar in this field than about any television available today. As far as 4K/HDR execution particularly, and we mean the consequence of sustaining the television a local 4K flag, the 55P607 adversaries and now and again surpasses screens that cost hundreds more. 

Astonished what this television is able to do? So are we. However, there are some solid innovative favorable circumstances that TCL has pressed into the screen that benefit as much as possible from its interior equipment. There is, obviously, the Complexity Control Zone innovation that we said over that keeps regions of brilliant white from seeping into darker territories, yet there's another innovation called Wide Shading Extent that upgrades visuals in a considerably more significant way. 

Wide Shading Extent (or WCG) is the main impetus behind the television looking more soaked – blues being bluer, greens being greener et cetera. TCL has an exclusive innovation called NBP Photon that does this brilliantly without gambling oversaturation. By and by, the outcomes are exceptional and look above what a television in this value range should deliver. 

Obviously, the tradeoff here is that the 55P607 is as yet a Driven LCD screen that has all similar issues that we've seen with the innovation throughout the years: there's a sprouting impact where brilliant zones seep into territories that ought to be pitch dark, and dark levels here simply aren't exactly in the same class as they were back on plasma televisions or on more current OLED screens. 

These protestations are eventually minor, be that as it may, and except if you're searching for them, they won't divert you from the lovely pictures this television can deliver.


The TCL 55P607 is furnished with all that it requirements for fair sounding sound appropriate out of the crate: It has two descending terminating 8-watt speakers that deliver a sizeable measure of commotion – it's sufficient to fill a little room like a room or slice through bigger to average size rooms without trading off an excessive number of the points of interest. 

As far as tonal adjust, TCL has shrewdly put an accentuation on the mids and highs as opposed to divider shaking bass. That implies the television performs well in shows and motion pictures where an exchange is the most vital or noticeable kind of sound, yet falls somewhat short on music or diversions where blasts rule. 

To put it plainly, it is anything but an entire slump here, yet in the event that you're searching for divider shaking bass or all-around better adjust, you'll have to put resources into a soundbar. 

That being stated, in case you're accustomed to utilizing a customary Roku gadget, one pleasant element about the 55P607's remote highlights a quiet secure by volume/down – a little element, we know, however, one that improves things significantly. 

Sound TL;DR: TCL's 55P607 offers great, adjusted sound at the cost. Home silver screen lovers should need to put resources into a soundbar, nonetheless.


Screen sizes available: 55-inches 
Tuner: Built-in
4K: Yes
HDR: Yes – HDR10 and Dolby Vision
Panel technology: LED LCD
Smart TV: Yes, Roku TV
Curved: No
Dimensions: 49.0 x 28.3 x 3.0 inches (WxHxD) : No
Inputs: 3 x HDMI 2.0 w/HDCP 2.2, 1 x USB 2.0, Ethernet, Composite + L&R Video, 1 x SPDIF Digital Audio 
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