Samsung Q7FN QLED TV review

Samsung's 2017 QLED televisions were a grandstand for what metallic quantum dabs could improve the situation 4K HDR televisions. And keep in mind that we would all be able to concur that those televisions were brilliant, intense and excellent, they were feeling the loss of some basic parts that improved opponent sets perform even in territories like difference and off-hub seeing points.

Looked with these issues, Samsung returned to the planning phase and rose in 2018 with the Samsung Q9FN QLED. It packs in various board innovations to settle the spots where QLED floundered, similar to full-exhibit neighborhood darkening with Q Difference EliteMax, and the outcomes are genuinely fantastic. The second-level Q7FN doesn't offer full-cluster neighborhood darkening, for instance, and keeping in mind that regardless it yields a gigantic measure of light, the greater part of that detail can be lost in the event that you move only a couple of degrees to one side or the privilege of the screen. 

All things considered, while at the same time Samsung's second-level Q7FN isn't exactly the screen the Q9FN ended up being, it's as yet a splendidly lit, imposing TV for 4K HDR aficionados.


While at the same time LG has the market cornered on about imperceptible edges with its almost borderless W8 OLED, Samsung's Q7FN isn't a long ways behind. The Q7FN utilizes Samsung's mark Ski lift remains to hold the television up and tuck links into the back. This makes for a fast setup and clean look when it's altogether wrapped up. 

The television has a silver edge with a thin, eighth-inch bezel. It's not undetectable to the eye, but rather it's truly thin everything considered. Profundity astute the screen sits at a large portion of an inch close to the best and a full inch close to the base of the screen. 
You'll see that it's bigger around the lower half of the television since that is the place the edge-lit LEDs sit. That is likewise where the television's solitary port is - Samsung's restrictive 

'imperceptible' association link that hurries to an outside handling unit that Samsung has named the One Interface box. It's there you'll interface gadgets to any of the four HDMI ports, single advanced optical-sound out or ethernet ports. Discussing, the One Associate box is genuinely massive and can damage the presence of a home theater setup, notwithstanding, in light of the fact that the rope that keeps running between the One Interface box and the television itself is genuinely little and rather protracted, you conceal the container in a bureau, paint the string an indistinguishable shading from the divider and the television will remain mess free. 
The other exceptional plan highlight on Samsung's 2018 QLED televisions is Encompassing Mode, a low power utilization setting that enables the television to mix away from plain sight when not being used. While at the same time it's difficult to depict in a great deal of detail, we'd state it's a cross between a standard screen saver and a photograph you take of the divider behind your television. 
It's comparative, in some courses, to an Apple Watch confront - you'll locate an entire library of outlines to pick from when you enter Surrounding Mode, and Samsung can simply include a greater amount of these by means of programming refresh later. That being stated, appropriate out of the door it's an element that helps isolate Samsung from the opposition and truly helps the television take a gander at home when not being used. 

Plan TL;DR: The Samsung Q7FN is a perfectly moderate television - with or without Encompassing Mode turned on. The One Interface box required to control the television is somewhat cumbersome, however, you can, fortunately, squirrel it away in an organizer without breaking a sweat.

Cost and release date

We'll be particularly taking a gander at the 55-inch QN55Q7FN in this audit, anyway, there are various other Q7FN models that all utilization a similar board innovation in various screen sizes. With that in mind, there's a 65-inch QN65Q7FN and a 75-inch QN75Q7FN. All models of the Q7FN are accessible now and will run you $1,799, $2,499 or $3,799, contingent upon which screen estimate you run with. 

On the off chance that you live abroad in Europe, you can discover 55-, 65-and 75-inch forms of the Q7FN that are known as the QE55Q7FN, QE65Q7FN and QE75Q7FN, separately, and will run you £1,999, £2,699 or £3,999 relying upon which measure you go for. 

For Australian television purchasers, there's the QA55Q7FN, QA65Q7FN, and QA75Q7FN which cost AU$3,699, AU$5,299 and AU$8,199, separately. 

The subsequent stage up from the Q7FN is the Q8FN, which is accessible beginning at $2999 (about £2,200, $AU4,000), and the Q9FN that expenses $3,800 (about £2,720, AU$4,835) yet incorporates Samsung's 'No Hole Divider Mount'.

Smart TV features 

The uplifting news proceeds with the Q7FN's keen television highlights - Samsung's Eden-based OS is wonderfully planned and simple to utilize. Like a year ago, applications are arranged along the base column and you'll discover all the principle guilty parties here - Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube come pre-introduced with the television. (UK proprietors will likewise get up to speed applications for each of the four of the nation's principle earthly television supporters while at the same time the US gushing devotees will see Hulu and Sling television. 

New for 2018, be that as it may, is the incorporation of Bixby, Samsung's virtual aide, and Samsung SmartThings, which enables you to control IoT gadgets around the house utilizing the amplifier incorporated with the remote itself. 

All things considered, while at the same time Bixby has the ability to find appears, control the shrewd home and answer questions it once in a while does any of the above amazingly well. Look for "Thor", for instance, and Bixby will demand it heard "Four" or pursuit "Star Wars The Last Jedi" and it's probably going to hear "Star Wars Las Jedi" - which sounds like the name of a Star Wars-themed pub and restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Since this is Samsung's first year with Bixby joining it's fine to cut them some slack in this division. Hell, Siri has been in Apple gadgets for the majority of 10 years despite everything it befuddles words constantly. The contrast here, however, is that LG has picked to utilize Google Right hand in its most recent rendition of WebOS and it's a greatly improved affair. 

On the off chance that you can look past the incidental confusion, what you are dealt with to is an extraordinarily vigorous, bursting quick OS. Exploring the alcoves and crevices of Tizen feels like an energizing fortune chase as you never fully recognize what goodie you will reveal straightaway.

4K/HDR Performance

We've canvassed splendor in the segment above, however, it merits emphasizing here as the uptick in nits truly enables the Q7FN to exploit High Powerful Range content. 

As indicated by Samsung, the Q7FN is fit for shine in the 1400 to 1600 nit extend, making it twice as brilliant as opponent Drove LCD screens and well over the prescribed 1,000-nits set by the UHD Union. This additional splendor makes it extraordinary for daytime survey and gives the Q7FN close OLED levels of differentiation. 

Tragically, however, it's as yet an edge-lit VA Drove board. 

That implies the television has awesome differentiation - particularly in dim rooms and particularly when you sit decisively before the screen - yet requires a Drove board in the back, dissimilar to OLED, and along these lines doesn't offer an incredible same dark level execution or extraordinary off-pivot seeing. 

Talking about off-pivot seeing, in the event that you set a couple of degrees to one side or the privilege of the screen, it's genuinely simple to see some desaturation. While at the same time we don't have an exact estimation, you ought to totally abstain from sitting any in excess of 30 degrees in either course and, on the off chance that you can enable it, to even under 15 or so degrees. That manage applies both on a level plane and vertically on the off chance that you choose to divider mount the screen. 
It's not all terrible, however. Due to the huge measure of shine, these televisions can yield in HDR, they look extraordinary even visible to everyone. Add to this the advantages of the quantum speck innovation that improves shading volume, and you have a photo that is really gigantic - regardless of whether it's not precisely the best picture execution available. 

Discussing HDR, it's important that starting at this moment, the Samsung Q7FN just backings HDR10, HLG the still-incipient HDR10+. Samsung hasn't embraced Dolby Vision yet, which implies most Netflix unique shows will appear as standard HDR rather than Dolby Vision - which is somewhat of a bummer. 

While at the same time it wasn't accessible to stream in Dolby Vision, Safeguards in HDR on Netflix still looks staggering: characters' outfits looked perfectly clear and shading exact, and dim scenes held points of interest even amidst monstrous battle successions. Likewise, Planet Earth 2 looked exceptional in 4K HDR in spite of the fact that we saw a particular green tone that influenced wilderness scenes to look more lavish if a little oversaturated. 

To wrap things up, gamers will discover a great deal to adore about Samsung's 2018 Q7FN line-up as it bolsters Auto Diversion mode which can distinguish when you're playing a support or PC amusement and consequently switch the screen into its quick reacting Diversion picture mode. Samsung likewise has plans to include Variable Revive Rate at some point not far off which will help with any screen tearing you might've seen in years past and convey the information slack to an astoundingly low 7ms. (We gauged the Q9FN at still-respectable 34ms, for reference.) 

4K/HDR Execution TL;DR: Brilliant and bright the Q7FN is an incredible 4K HDR television. Simply ensure you sit straightforwardly before it.

HD/SDR Performance

Like whatever remains of its kind in the 2018 QLED line-up, the Samsung Q7FN offers truly great upscaling of HD/SDR content. The outcome is a photo that has included detail with almost no photo clamor. (It's still there, however, it's negligible at separations past a couple of feet away.) 

The huge advantage to HD/SDR execution, and presumably the television's greatest help time frame, is its shine. Without a doubt, HD/SDR content just requires around 300 to 400 nits of pinnacle brilliance to show everything about, it doesn't hurt that this television can get a whole lot brighter. 

To exploit this additional shine with HD/SDR content, each new 2018 Samsung 4K HDR television has a mode called HDR+ that extends its hues and opens up the complexity of the screen. It's not exactly on a par with having content shot in local HDR, yet with HDR+, HD/SDR content won't look a large portion of its age and you'll get to a greater extent an emotional differentiation when watching more established movies that weren't shot in the most recent configuration. 

One drawback here, and it was something we called attention to in our audit of the Samsung NU8000 arrangement prior this year, is that HDR+ changes the shading tone to warm, which adds a sepia-like tint to the picture. It is anything but an immense arrangement, yet in the event that you need to restore the screen to a cooler, more typical looking picture, you'll have to go into the settings and physically reset the shading tone. 

The other, substantially bigger issue, and something we'll discuss more in the following segment ar that the Q7FN utilizes an edge-lit, VA Drove board as opposed to going full-exhibit. This isn't something that you'll see in HD/SDR content - as the different proportion between the brightest whites and darkest blacks isn't that articulated - however, it can here and there influence the photo here, as well. 

HD/SDR Execution TL;DR: While at the same time HDR+ Mode significantly upgrades the shading and difference of HD/SDR pictures, AV idealists will discover bounty to love with the Q7FN's solid execution with local HD/SDR content.


To support the Q7FN's photo execution is a shockingly ground-breaking sound framework. It's more than you'll have to hear most television and film discourse over the foundation clamor, and it completes a respectable activity with music - regardless of whether it's not our first decision for a local gathering setting. 

That being stated, while at the same time sound execution is genuinely solid, the highlights Samsung packs into the Q7FN that make it definitely justified even despite its weight in intensifiers. In particular, that incorporates simple to setup Bluetooth blending that enables you to utilize your television as a speaker for your telephone or tablet and the consideration of Chromecast Worked In that gives you a chance to cast suddenly. 

Overall that is Samsung's Savvy Sound component, a novel programming calculation Samsung's television division has lifted from its California-based sound lab that examinations the approaching sound and consequently modifies it to suit the sort of substance you're viewing. 

By and by Samsung's television equipment and programming make a solid sound execution, one that ought to effortlessly fill most lives with uproarious, clear exchange and sensible sound impacts. Will, it supplants your soundbar or encompass sound speaker framework? No. Be that as it may, can the Q7FN remain alone without the assistance from an outer sound setup? Totally.

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